PP Filter 10 inc 5 Pcs for RO/UV
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Model: PPF10 Cash on delivery available
Standard 10 inch, easy to install !! Made of 100% pure polypropylene fibers. Removing major contaminants from your water. 100% Factory checked ready for quick and reliable installation
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10 inch PP 5micron Sediment Filter Cartridge

A sediment filter captures and removes particulate matter like dirt and debris from your water. Sediment is a generic term for all the particulate matter in your water that is not liquid. Flakes of rust can enter your water supply from corroded galvanized plumbing. Rainwater can carry silt, clay, soil, and grains of sand into your well groundwater supply. Flow changes in your water main can also transport sediment to your home. The sediment filter is the first line of defense against this dirt and debris. It prohibits all this solid particulate from entering your water supply and impeding the performance of your water filtration systems.

Sediment filters exist in a multitude of applications. Restaurants and coffee shops use sediment prefilters to ensure the quality of their food and beverages. Whole house filtration systems employ sediment filtration to eliminate particulate matter from entering your faucets and showers and to protect the lifespan of other filters. Your pool filter cartridges are a form of sediment filter, blocking dirt and clay from muddying your pristine swimming water. Any instance in which clean water is imperative, you will likely find some form of sediment filter.

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