Top Klean RO Water Purifier
Brand: Top Clean
Model: TOP-100GPD Cash on delivery available
Top Klean RO (Reverse Osmosis) Water Purifier provide 250 liters crystal clear and safe mineral water for your family. This is Chines brand grade A+ purifier due to its stable performance.
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Tk. 11,500.00
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Helpline: 09678749749
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100% genuine product
1 year replacement and free service warranty. The service warranty not includes filter price at the time of change.
1-2 working days for Dhaka and maximum
5 days for other divisions.
Storage tanks, faucet and all other intallation tools.
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Top Klean RO Water Purifier in Bangladesh

Top Klean is the Chines 5-stage RO water purification system. It is better than other Chines grade B quality product. It removes 99.99% bacteria, virus, dust, mud, iron, salt etc from your tap water.

Product Specification

Brand: Top Klean
Origin: China
Membrane: USA
Filtration Stage: Five
Technology: RO
Capacity: Up to 75 GPD (apx 250 liters per day)
Reserve Capacity: NSF 3.2 Gallon (apx 12-15 liters)
Installation Charge: Free, Out of Dhaka Tk.1000.00

Stages RO Purifier System

Stage 1: PP (Polypropylene) sediment filter

This is the initial stage in the system and is charged with taking care of all the solid substances that are above 1 or 5 microns and 10 inc in size. The sediment removes any extra materials like sand, dust, iron, salt, mud, metals etc. The filter can last up to 2-4 months.

Stage 2 and 3: GAC and CTO filters

These stages deals with most of the chemical contaminants found in water, like pesticides, herbicides, chlorine, etc. It also removes lead, aluminum, oils and various other contaminants. Chlorine quickly destroys the reverse osmosis membrane pores while oils bring about clogging in the membrane. Eliminating them in this stage effectively takes care of the RO membrane. The carbon water filter is also effective in removing any taste or odor present in your water.

Just like the sediment filter, these filters also last between 6-8 months. They are very useful in the system and therefore should not be used for longer than necessary, lest they lead to the extra cost of a damaged RO membrane.

Stage 4: Osmotic Membrane filter

This is the most crucial part of the system. It carries out fine filtration. When water reaches the chamber, it is forced through the semipermeable membrane, with the application of pressure. Only the tiny molecules of water can pass through this membrane, and therefore all other contaminants are left behind, together with some water.

This water that contains a significant percentage of contaminants is then piped out, and into the drain. The pure water that passes through the membrane is directed to a pressurized tank for storage. This is about 75-80% of the water fed into the system. The membrane has an approximate lifespan of 18-30 months.

Stage 5: Activated carbon filter

This is the last step in the system. Its purpose is to provide further purification of the water, a process known as polishing. Water passes through the stage only when the faucet of the pressurized tank is opened. This filter then provides quality improvement services to the water, by removing any color, taste or odor that might have been left behind.

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