Lansha 200 GPD-800 Liters
Tk. 50,000.00
Tk. 52,000.00Tk. -2,000.00
Lansha 400 GPD-1600 Liters
Tk. 73,500.00
Tk. 75,000.00Tk. -1,500.00
Lanshan 575 G RO Purifier
Tk. 19,000.00
Tk. 19,490.00Tk. -490.00
0% EMI 6 Month
Lanshan RO Water Purifier 6 Stages
Tk. 16,500.00
Tk. 17,500.00Tk. -1,000.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Lanshan RO Water Purifier-1550
Tk. 20,500.00
Tk. 21,500.00Tk. -1,000.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Lanshan 5 Stages RO Water Purifier - 75 GPD
Tk. 15,500.00
Tk. 16,500.00Tk. -1,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
Lanshan RO Water Purifier 301 AE
Tk. 23,500.00
Tk. 25,000.00Tk. -1,500.00
0% EMI 6 Month

Lanshan RO UV Water Purifier in Bangladesh

Lanshan is the Taiwan brand established in 1993 and manufacturing various Reverse Osmosis (RO) system, water fountain, commercial and industrial RO equipment, RO parts, accessories and filters. Lanshan is very stable purifier for domestic or office use.

Lanshan has varieties in purifiers design and models. This is very suitable solution for those who want brand plants with lower price. We provides intact and original model of Lanshan imported from Taiwan.

Lanshan has many RO filter or purifier models of industrial and domestic plants for providing safe and clean water. It removes 99% hardness and organic lives like bacteria and virus. Lanshan 101 BW is a good model for domestic and small office use which covers above 20 persons per day. Lanshan 1150 is the best fit for office use which can provides 250 liters clean water per day.

Buy Lanshan RO Water Purifier from

Shagni Electronics provides all the different models of Lanshan RO UV purifiers and filters. Capacity of pure water varies from 75 GPD to 800 GPD (gallons per day). We provide original 100% factory tested Lanshan water purifiers. Product life time will be more than 15 years. Cash on delivery and credit card payment available. We ensure intact Lanshan RO water purifier with 0% EMI facility.