Best hot cold and normal RO water purifiers

Shagni Electronics Provides different type of RO and UV water purifier with best commitment and best price. The hot RO purifier relax you to manually boil water for tea, coffee or soup. Because the the hot function reserve sufficient hot water for coffee or tea making.

Cold water for refreshment

Besides hot water cold water is very essential for daily life. Our all cold water system provides 1.5 liters to 3 liters cold water for any time use. The compressor is very update date and latest design that consume lower electricity.

Best price on hot, cold and normal RO filters

We offer best price on all our original brands. Shagni Electronics is working global and most popular brands from the beginning.

Our commitment and warranty

One year service warranty cover replacement of any parts if interrupt cause. For this our technician will physically visits each two month all plants.

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