Heron Premium RO Purifier
Tk. 15,500.00
Tk. 17,500.00Tk. -2,000.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron Max Hot & Normal Purifier
Tk. 19,500.00
Tk. 20,999.00Tk. -1,499.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron GRO-2300 Water Purifier
Tk. 41,000.00
Tk. 41,500.00Tk. -500.00
0% EMI 6 Month
Heron 300 GPD RO - 1000 liters
Tk. 48,000.00
Tk. 52,500.00Tk. -4,500.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron PRO-7 RO Water Purifier
Tk. 17,500.00
Tk. 20,900.00Tk. -3,400.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron CT 40 RO 75 GPD Water Purifier
Tk. 16,000.00
Tk. 18,500.00Tk. -2,500.00
Heron Elegant RO 60 GPD
Tk. 14,500.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron Gold RO Water Purifier
Tk. 13,000.00
Tk. 14,500.00Tk. -1,500.00
Heron 5 Stages RO Water Purifier
Tk. 12,000.00
Tk. 12,500.00Tk. -500.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron RO & UV Water Purifier
Tk. 16,500.00
Tk. 17,500.00Tk. -1,000.00
0% EMI 3 Month
Heron RO Water Purifier - 200 GPD
Tk. 43,500.00
Tk. 45,000.00Tk. -1,500.00
0% EMI 6 Month
Heron RO Water Purifier - 400 GPD
Tk. 55,000.00
Tk. 58,000.00Tk. -3,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
Heron UV Water Purifier - 5 Stages
Tk. 8,000.00
Tk. 9,500.00Tk. -1,500.00

Heron RO UV Water Purifier Best Price in Bangladesh

Heron is the famous brand in the water treatment technology. Since 15 years Heron retain its customers and increase day by day due to varieties of products features and models. Heron RO (Reverse osmosis) system provides safe and pure water to drink and cook. The water plants provide 60 gallons to 1600 gallons clean water per day. Heron RO has the capability to remove 99% dissolve solids, organic germs, bacteria and virus. Some domestic or office use plants can be installed under sink besides wall mounting.

All water purifiers 100% auto. No need operate manually. RO water purifier is the clone of Chinese and Taiwan manufacturers. Heron brand is very stable solution where water pressure is low. It best choose for you if you want the best RO UV water purifier with lowest price or budget. Its provide NFS reserve tank with it which has 15-80 liters storage water capacity. We are providing one year replacement guaranty on all Heron RO UV water purifiers but the product life time will be more than 20 years.

Order original Heron Water Purifier from Shagni.com

Buy the 100% original heron brand water purifier from Shagni Electronics. We provide original and genuine Heron RO and UV purifier with best price. All purifier accessories are available to our online store www.shagni.com. Order PP filter, BOX, Net, GAC, CTO, Membrane or Booster pump from home, our own delivery team will deliver with 24 hours. Cash on delivery and EMI facility available. Our online store is very functional for smooth order and EMI activation. For EMI activation no need sign any hard copy, our system is auto to send your EMI request to your desired bank.

Shagni Electronics provide original Heron RO and UV water purifier which are 3 stages to 7 stages. There are domestic and industrial models. All domestics type purifiers provide more than 250 liters pure water. There is a steel tank of 15 liters. Shagni Electronics always offers best price for water purifier in Bangladesh. We provide 0% EMI facility on all purifiers.