Deng Yuan RO Water Purifiers Best Price in Bangladesh

Deng Yuan established in Taiwan manufacturing different RO (Reverse Osmosis) water purifier and RO system for commercial, industrial and residential use. It also export different spare parts and accessories of RO purifiers and filters. Deng Yuan promotes high and latest technology based RO purifiers and filters that ensure healthy, clean and pure water from raw sources of water. Deng Yuan achieve the most customer satisfaction due to product quality, competitive commitment and advanced reliable water quality that meets customers demands and requirements. Deng Yuan has a good reputation world wide for their purifier quality so that a large number of customers are confident to buy their products.

Latest Models of Deng Yuan Water purifiers at Lowest Price

Deng Yuan has many models of water purifiers. According them we providing some models like Deng Yuan THC-1550 and Deng Yuan TW-1250. Deng Yuan THC-1550 is luxury 5 stage RO water purifier. It contains a CSM brand membrane made by Korea. The Reverse Osmosis system (RO Machine) removes 99% of all organics germs & bacteria and maintain TDS level less than 20. It can be used for family or small office purpose. It can purify 250 liters water per day. Deng Yuan TW-1250 is a good purifier for family and office use. It can revolve 99% organic germs and bacteria and virus. The Total Dissolve Solids (TDS) will be less than 20 of purified water. It has a NSF reserve tank with 15 liters capacity. It contain Koran brand membrane. All parts and components are made by Taiwan.

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