General 1 Ton split Air Conditioner
Tk. 56,000.00
Tk. 67,000.00Tk. -11,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
General 1.5 Ton Air Conditioner 18000 BTU
Tk. 73,000.00
Tk. 85,000.00Tk. -12,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
General 2 Ton Air Conditioner 24000 BTU
Tk. 79,000.00
Tk. 96,000.00Tk. -17,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
General 1.5 Ton AC ASGA-18FUTB
Tk. 80,000.00
Tk. 99,000.00Tk. -19,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
General 2.5 Ton Air Conditioner 3000 BTU
Tk. 132,000.00
Tk. 135,000.00Tk. -3,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
General 3 Ton Air Conditioner 36000 BTU
Tk. 183,000.00
Tk. 185,000.00Tk. -2,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month
General 4 Ton Air Conditioner 48000 BTU
Tk. 196,500.00
Tk. 198,500.00Tk. -2,000.00
0% EMI 6 Month

General Air Conditioner (AC)

General is the top most popular brand of cooling system since its incorporation. General provides its latest air conditioners with latest technology and innovation. General designs air conditioners for those who want very stable and innovative solution in cooling system.

Fujitsu General is a global organization of engineering and the electronics known in the world. They have the air conditioner production factory of top-level in Thailand, and develop, manufacture, and are selling efficient air conditioners. The group company of us in Thailand is as follows. Please visit the website of General company for details.

Shagni Electronics provides original General air conditioners (AC) imported from Thailand. We are the trust and reliable source of electronics products in Bangladesh since 2008. EMI available for any General AC upto 36 month by any credit cards. We are very responsive for home delivery in time. Shagni Electronics offers best price for any General air conditioner in Bangladesh.